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Oxtek Australia are supplying complete concrete protection for Carpark areas

Completed December 2017

Product -  X550 Carpark

Builder - GWH Build www.gwhbuild.com.au/

Applicators - Blazing Pressure Cleaning www.blazingpressurecleaning.com.au/


Still under construction a four-storey, 147 bed facility, including lounges, communal open spaces, an internal courtyard and associated roads and car parking. 

Product -  Densi-Proof 

Builder - Hansen Yuncken

Applicator - NJD Corp Pty Ltd


Builder: Brookfield Multiplex  

Applicator: Speedpro Industries

2000 Square Metres

Densi-Proof™ applied to the concrete slabs at time of pour as a curing compound, densifier and hardener. 


Status - Completed January 2016

Oxtek Australia are supplying complete concrete protection.

Product -  Moisture Fix  applied to existing concrete to Harden, Densify & Moisture Barrier

Builder - Doric Constructions www.doricgroup.com.au

Product applied by - PNM Superior Floors

Area 10,000 M²


Completed 2016  - Luxurious Ocean Reach apartments located in Merewether NSW  

3000M² containing residential, retail and commercial buildings.

Oxtek Australia are supplying complete concrete protection for the car parks.

Product -  X550 Carpark

Builder - A & K Mackay Building Co P/L www.mackaygroup.com.au       

Testimonial - Testimonial X550 Carpark


Builder: Lend Lease  

8000 Square Metres

Densi-Proof™ was applied at time of pour to cure, waterproof, harden, densify and seal the concrete.

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